Our tutorials include step-by-step directions for common server questions including setup and installations as well as account administration questions. We are available 24/7 to address any specific issues at support@auro.io or if you want to request a tutorial.

How to create and attach a volume to your cloud instance on AURO Canadian Cloud Computing

Create Your First Security Rules in AURO Canadian Cloud Computing

Create Your First Cloud Instance with AURO Canadian Cloud Computing

AURO Cloud WordPress Install with One Click Install Bitnami Image

Install Drupal on AURO Cloud with One-Click Install Bitnami Image

Install Redmine on AURO Cloud using one-click Installation image for Redmine

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AURO Partners with AppFormix for Improved Management of Public Cloud Infrastructure

With Tier 1 high performance, this addition to AURO's cloud computing product suite will guarantee IOPS and give customers faster storage for their database and applications.

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