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AURO Compute

AURO uses the OpenStack Compute engine that is designed to provision and manage large networks of virtual machines, creating a redundant and scalable cloud computing platform. It delivers the software, APIs and control panels required to run your cloud resources, including running instances, managing networks, and controlling access through users and projects. is built on the OpenStack Compute code.

  • Pay as you go. Price start at $.03/hr.
  • Provision and spin up servers in minutes
  • Enterprise reliability and redundancy
  • OpenStack APIs are open and ensure portability

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AURO Public Storage

Object Storage: provides triple-replicated, scalable object storage that is scale-engineered and highly durable using clusters of enterprise storage hardware. AURO Object Storage has been designed to scale to store many tens of petabytes of data, making it well suited to handle virtual machine images, photo storage, email storage and backup archiving inexpensively, through data replication and distribution across commodity hard drives.

  • Access secure, scalable, and reliable online storage
  • Add incremental storage on demand, instantly
  • Full redundancy for data durability
  • Virtually unlimited storage capacity

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Block Storage: is highly available, redundant persistent storage service that is perfect for applications and databases requiring frequent reads and writes (For example, apps needing fast access to a file system, database, or raw block-level storage.) AURO Block Storage delivers high IOPS using leading storage technologies running on enterprise-grade x86 hardware with SSD and standard disks, SSD caching and ZFS to prevent performance problems.

  • Easily attach and access volumes from running instances for additional storage
  • Copy or back up data quickly and reliably using volume snapshots
  • Create persistent instances to better preserve your data
  • Access stored and cached data faster
  • Store as much (or as little) as you need

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Load Balancing: Using OpenStack’s integrated Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS), you can now create a virtual network between your machines through API and load balance your VM traffic on the same or different networks.

  • Load-balance client traffic from one network to application services like VMs or networks
  • Utilize different protocols like TCP and HTTP
  • Monitor the health of application services
  • Support session persistance

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DNS: is a service that uses a distributed database to provide a mapping of your IP addresses to domain names and hosts. You can create, update, maintain and delete DNS data.

  • REST API for domain/record management
  • Multi-tenant
  • Integrated with Keystone for authentication
  • Framework in place to integrate with Nova and Quantum notifications (for auto-generated records)
  • Support for PowerDNS and Bind9

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Identity Service

Identity Service: AURO uses a single method for managing your user identities and for authenticating each user’s access to resources across the AURO Public Cloud. You don’t have to worry about managing different credentials for each service, using OpenStack’s Keystone each account includes identity, token, catalog and policy services and gives you a consistent platform to rely on to manage your users and authentication processes.

  • Access AURO Compute, AURO Object Storage and all future services with one set of credentials.
  • Use a single API endpoint for token management and user authentication.
  • Combine various Compute and Object Storage resources into a tenant or group of resources allowing for easier resource management.
  • Access a catalog of the services that are available to you.
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AURO Cloud Computing expands support to include Managed Amazon Web Services infrastructure

Canadian Cloud Leader AURO adds Managed AWS services to provide a hyper cloud solution compliant with Canadian data privacy laws. These offerings allows customers to receive a customized AWS support solution, fulfilling both their infrastructure requirements and business goals.

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