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All your monitoring, inside AURO’s public cloud! Integrated add-on tools to enhance your everyday cloud management.


Introducing AppFormix

The leading cloud analytics monitoring dashboard!

For just $20/month, collect real-time data across all your resources, including server, storage and networking analytics.

Get 30-days of free access to AppFormix on AURO!

Monitor, predict and analyze with real-time analytics and control for your cloud resources and performance.

Get dynamic visibility into your resources with the most accurate, high resolution, and relevant data.

Improve ROI for team collaboration and cloud spend. Achieve ROI-targeted cloud optimization priority to better plan for usage across projects.

Complete application analytics for your developers and insights that help you improve your deployment automation and exposes any cloud risks.

Why use AppFormix on AURO?

With AURO and AppFormix, you can take the guess work out of your cloud deployments. Get instant, real-time resource consumption metrics for your projects, tenants and instances that includes impactful fine-grain analysis of how specific workloads are interacting with your virtualized infrastructure and where any potential problem areas may exist.

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AURO Cloud Computing expands support to include Managed Amazon Web Services infrastructure

Canadian Cloud Leader AURO adds Managed AWS services to provide a hyper cloud solution compliant with Canadian data privacy laws. These offerings allows customers to receive a customized AWS support solution, fulfilling both their infrastructure requirements and business goals.

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