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10 easy steps to set up Load Balancing on AURO!

Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS) is the newest feature in AURO’s product suite. LBaaS will allow you to deploy highly scalable load balancers in the cloud and be able to scale out or down according to your needs in just a few minutes. Our cloud frees you from being locked down to expensive and/or inflexible solutions by giving you a user-friendly panel to adjust your deployments to respond dynamically to requests.

Scalable, on-demand traffic control

Spikes in online traffic can affect websites and applications and cost you sales and customers. Setting up a Cloud Load Balancer helps you manage the traffic by distributing workloads across different servers automatically or on-demand. This helps maximize performance and prevent overload for seamless user experience.

Dedicated IP address

Each load balancer that you launch on AURO is assigned an IP address that remains static while the load balancer is in use. Websites or applications hosted will point towards this IP address for user access.

Built-in high availability

AURO’s overlay SDN solution allows our infrastructure to achieve true High-Availability (HA) and successful multi-zone, multi-region cloud computing across Canada. HA availability across compute regions, instances and storage setup helps us deliver user-friendly cloud services to you.

Our Canadian-based networking service supports enterprise-grade service levels, delivers true high availability (HA) and leverage the latest software networking technologies to support their cloud customers. Due to the size of AURO’s cloud infrastructure, we built our network to be highly distributed and as flexible and automatable as the compute virtualization, such as for services like virtual private networks (VPC) and load-balancing as a service (LBaaS) within individual tenants.

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AURO Cloud Computing expands support to include Managed Amazon Web Services infrastructure

Canadian Cloud Leader AURO adds Managed AWS services to provide a hyper cloud solution compliant with Canadian data privacy laws. These offerings allows customers to receive a customized AWS support solution, fulfilling both their infrastructure requirements and business goals.

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