AURO is a complete Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution powered by OpenStack technology. AURO was designated to meet the requirements of next-generation dynamic applications such as web or mobile apps, PaaS and SaaS deployments and big data.


100% OpenStack Technology

AURO chose the OpenStack open source project as the foundation of our cloud infrastructure because of our deep relationship over the last 16 years using open source technologies. With OpenStack, we have the ability to build a public cloud and private cloud environment that prevents vendor lock-in and delivers a truly disruptive price/ performance service for our customers when compared to other proprietary enterprise virtualization clouds.

The production environment system is built around 100% stock OpenStack components additional drivers, plugins and additional open source software to fill functional gaps that creates a system configuration that delivers an enterprise grade cloud. Unlike many other solutions that offer forked OpenStack distributions or use portions of OpenStack, AURO has been engineered to deliver a highly scalable, enterprise-grade OpenStack based cloud that matches the behavior and tool sets of other public clouds.

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Enterprise-Grade Availability

AURO is designed to handle failure and assumes the worst case scenario. Because of this, we our infrastructure uses a unique scale-out availability feature based on the “small failure domain” model where components are designed to fail in isolation. We leverage multi-pathing techniques that integrates a load balancing pattern for all of OpenStack’s stateless components. AURO scales horizontally, just like your applications, with every load-balanced service creating high availability for your services.

The availability features built into AURO reduce the chance of catastrophic cascading failures, enable effortless horizontal scaling of the cloud’s internal services, and support building a cloud that can deliver 99.95% uptime for core cloud services. AURO is the only cloud system designed for high uptime to support 24x7x365 workloads.

High Performance Optimization

Under the hood, AURO delivers high performance features that are optimized to work together across the system, as well as an overall architecture scale-engineered from top to bottom to ensure the best performance of any public cloud environment.

The Intelligent Resource Scheduler ensures that compute and block storage resources maximize utilization while ensuring minimum Quality of Service (QoS) levels. The Scheduler also distributes resources across failure domains, reducing the impact of failed hardware nodes, disk drives and/or storage clusters. Additionally, AURO can manage network QoS levels in combination with virtual machine instance sizes. For example, AURO can accommodate a use case that requires HPC (High Performance Computing) and big data instances using high-throughput, 10 Gigabit Ethernet non-blocking networks while smaller instances within the same cloud infrastructure can have a much lower resource guarantee.

The Elastic Network Architecture leverages open, proven and performant technologies to enable a high performance network architecture. The network architecture is broken up into three layers: block, core and edge. At the data layer, the network architecture leverages 10GE switches and connections to provide a high bandwidth fabric for data (VM and storage) traffic. In concert with Block Designs, the network capacity is scalable by increasing the number of uplinks per block. Because the Network architecture is layer 3 (IP) based, all 10GE links can be utilized (unlike enterprise virtualization VLAN based architectures that are limited by VLAN and STP).

AURO delivers High IOPS Block Storage on enterprise grade x86 hardware using a variety of storage technologies including SSD acceleration in Block Storage to prevent performance problems. This feature bundles random writes into large block sequential writes – reducing head contention on block storage clusters and smoothing multi-tenancy latency effects. On the read-side, SSDs also provide high-speed read caches. This further reduces head contention, decreases latency and a single volume can provide in excess of 40,000 IOPS with 4K block sizes using mixed read/write and mixed sequential/random workloads. This allows customers to also use performance as a selection criteria for repatriating apps from the public cloud.

Enterprise Security

AURO is focused on protection of the entry points including the API endpoints that power the cloud control plane) and the cloud resources themselves. In doing so, we are able to mitigate or eliminate the effects of denial of service attacks, unauthorized remote access, transmission of malformed data, and destruction of data.

AURO utilizes a defense-in-depth strategy that embeds security controls at every layer of the cloud. Some of these controls include:

  • OS Hardening such as removal of non-essential packages and services
  • Logging for a secure network audit trail
  • Network Access Control Lists for resource network partitioning
  • Encryption via SSL/TLS-enabled API endpoints
  • Restricted Operator Access via the secure administration gateway

High Speed Network

AURO is built on a scalable layer 3 fabric that supports Contrail with an advanced Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network model. This networking layer mimics public clouds such as AWS and GCE that also use high-speed switch fabrics with 100% IP routing end-to-end to achieve maximum throughput at the lowest cost.

Out of the box, AURO customers have additional security and flexibility with Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Networking that increases network isolation for application services and to emulate existing physical network configurations for interoperability.

VPC employs utilizes Software Defined Networking (SDN) to create the virtual network overlay above our shared layer 3 physical networking that logically isolates network traffic. Customers can manage their IP address pools for each VPC and subnet, and create and manage Elastic Network Interfaces to dynamically bind network profiles to instances. Beyond the security groups customers can further control inbound traffic at the instance level including support for Network ACLs to control network traffic on the subnets.

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AURO Cloud Computing expands support to include Managed Amazon Web Services infrastructure

Canadian Cloud Leader AURO adds Managed AWS services to provide a hyper cloud solution compliant with Canadian data privacy laws. These offerings allows customers to receive a customized AWS support solution, fulfilling both their infrastructure requirements and business goals.

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