Managed Amazon Web Services

Wherever you are in your AWS journey, we can help.

Getting the most out of your AWS environment can be daunting. By using AURO Managed Amazon Web Services you don’t have to worry about selecting the right instances, securing your environment or optimizing your deployments. Let our team of specialists manage your AWS infrastructure allowing you to focus on what is important – running your business.

Our Services

Our team of experts will work with you to understand your business and infrastructure needs to create the right solution for your business requirements.


Optimize the performance of your AWS deployment. Our team of experts will ensure your environment is running efficiently whether it means adding new AWS features or modifying your solution as your needs change.

Cloud Security

Cloud security measures and objectives can be assessed and managed by our team of experts, with a view to taking corrective action and implementing best practices where needed. We help you understand and plan around the shared responsibility model for cloud security without being left open to undue risk.

Resilience and Performance

The last thing you want is to have your AWS deployment disrupted. Our team will help you build an AWS solution with resilience and performance in mind.


Leverage our knowledgeable specialists 24/7/365 to manage and monitor your AWS cloud environment.

Architect and Migrate

Moving to AWS can be challenging and time-consuming. Let us design the best configuration for your deployment and be there for ever step of your cloud journey.

Get the most out of AWS with AURO Managed Amazon Web Services

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AURO Cloud Computing expands support to include Managed Amazon Web Services infrastructure

Canadian Cloud Leader AURO adds Managed AWS services to provide a hyper cloud solution compliant with Canadian data privacy laws. These offerings allows customers to receive a customized AWS support solution, fulfilling both their infrastructure requirements and business goals.

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