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AURO Cloud Computing Now Supports OpenStack's Distributed Identity Feature

AURO's Cloud Computing platform is among the first cloud computing environments certified for OpenStack interoperability, supporting the new certification and distributed identity feature.

Vancouver, BC (PRNewswire) May 29, 2015

AURO, the leading Canadian cloud computing provider, announced the support of two key OpenStack initiatives that extend the capabilities of its Canadian public cloud built on OpenStack to deliver greater flexibility and consistency for end-users. The most recent OpenStack Summit that includes the Design Summit for planning the next bi-annual release was just completed in Vancouver, Canada. During the Summit, OpenStack's executive director Jonathan Bryce announced two new projects, including a service that supports federated cloud identities. AURO's Cloud Computing platform is one of first vendors and public cloud computing services that supports this feature.

The first initiative is a certification program for interoperability testing requirements. This requires any company that wants to list themselves as "OpenStack Powered" to go through necessary testing in order to be included in the OpenStack Marketplace. AURO completed this certification when the marketplace was first launched last year. This branding can be used by public clouds, hosted private clouds, distributions and applications.

"AURO continues to be committed to enabling the easy adoption of OpenStack with a strong focus on delivering the best public cloud computing service in the marketplace and giving customers a truly seamless experience," said Matt McKinney, Chief Strategy Officer at AURO.

The second initiative, the distributed identity feature, is a project that has existed for a longer time but has only just become a reality with the most recent update. Today, AURO became part of a globally federated set of OpenStack clouds. AURO is Canada's first and only enterprise public cloud that is already certified as "OpenStack Powered." With the decision to support OpenStack's federated identity feature, AURO's users can now benefit from a greater choice by being able to move from other services or easily burst their private cloud configurations into AURO's Canadian public cloud. Customers will immediately benefit from AURO's scalability and enterprise-grade infrastructure with low prices. In addition, customers will also have access to a strict cloud security program. To do this, users can now login to AURO's OpenStack cloud and have the choice of spinning up instances or leverage AURO's open APIs. In previous releases, AURO was able to accept identities from third-party services, but now, AURO can be the identity provider for clients, making it easier for users to combine public and private clouds for hybrid OpenStack deployments.

"We're excited that the OpenStack community is supporting us in helping to deliver a global cloud network to developers. It allows AURO to give these developers the power to choose the best price, performance and geography that suits their needs and workloads, and, if necessary, to host their applications and data within Canadian borders," said AURO's Chief Strategy Officer Matt McKinney. "This is an option that has been previously missing from the market. Now we can deliver the Canadian cloud and resources that our clients have been asking for."

About AURO

AURO Cloud was built using OpenStack to give Canada its first true enterprise public cloud that can support a wide range of cloud computing requirements. With a free account, open APIs and Canadian cloud storage, customers get a platform that can deliver highly scalable public, private and hybrid cloud services, including operational and architectural compatibility with AWS. In addition, businesses now have cloud computing pricing that matches or beats other cloud computing providers. It is easy to use, self-service and available to everyone. AURO delivers a portfolio of services that include IT Infrastructure and Cloud Hosting, while giving users the benefits of Canada's unique regulatory environment and data security, all within a 100% Canadian platform. Follow them on Twitter: @AURO_io

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