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AURO Delivers a Proven OpenStack Public Cloud Experience at a Lower Cost Point than Private Clouds.

AURO's OpenStack Public Cloud costs less to run while research indicates that running an OpenStack Private Cloud is 20% cheaper than commercial competitors, but total cost ownership (TCO) is higher in the long run.

Vancouver, BC (PRNewswire) May 12, 2015

Recent articles have referenced 451 Research's new Cloud Price Index and discussed how the lack of OpenStack engineer talent is driving up the cost of running private clouds.

Running private clouds powered by commercial vendors like RedHat or VMware averages to approximately $0.10 per VM hour, while using an OpenStack distribution for a private cloud deployment costs an average of 20% less to run. What needs to be considered however, is that the total cost of ownership (TCO) of an OpenStack private cloud ends up to be higher due to the lack of talent. The research reconfirmed that OpenStack engineers are increasingly difficult to come by while skilled commercial private cloud engineers supporting more traditional vendors are much more common. 451 Research indicated in their report that buyers could hire 3% more engineers in their commercial environment and still end up with a lower TCO than in an OpenStack private cloud environment.

But what about a public cloud environment? AURO, Canada's first and only enterprise public cloud computing platform built on OpenStack, costs even less to run with most customers averaging $0.05 per VM hour.

AURO's public cloud that utilizes OpenStack's open-source technology is also able to deliver a cloud, and at an even lower TCO than the private clouds. "AURO was built from the ground up to deliver a truly enterprise cloud computing system that ensures a high level of cost savings for our customers and to deliver an open cloud that helps our customers avoid the typical vendor lock-in," said Matt McKinney, Chief Strategy Officer at AURO. "With OpenStack, customers benefit from an open cloud computing platform that empowers them to transform their business. What we have done is remove some of the barriers of OpenStack and made it accessible to everyone."

An example of this is how AURO delivers OpenStack to end users without the need for customers to hire engineers. They are able to deliver an enterprise-grade off-premise solution that allows clients to have lower capital expenses, and instead, only pay for operational costs like training, cloud consumptions fees and configuration.

AURO's enterprise public cloud is on the frontline of delivering cost-savings to customers. Buyers have instant access to cloud computing and cloud storage that translate to a high level of scalability, improved access to data, reduced employee headcount, minimal licensing, ability to move legacy systems and thus giving companies greater flexibility and capital control.

AURO specializes in storing data within Canadian borders, and their Canadian cloud platform is designed to help clients meet unique compliancy requirements. AURO provides the in-house engineering and expertise and can therefore deliver a true OpenStack experience with industry best service level agreements (SLAs). With a public cloud like AURO's, businesses don't have to compromise with legacy in-house systems or look to other private cloud solutions.

About AURO

AURO Cloud was built using OpenStack to give Canada its first true enterprise public cloud that can support a wide range of cloud computing requirements. With a free account, open APIs and Canadian cloud storage, customers get a platform that can deliver highly scalable public, private and hybrid cloud services, including operational and architectural compatibility with AWS. In addition, businesses now have cloud computing pricing that matches or beats other cloud computing providers. It is easy to use, self-service and available to everyone. AURO delivers a portfolio of services that include IT Infrastructure and Cloud Hosting, while giving users the benefits of Canada's unique regulatory environment and data security, all within a 100% Canadian platform. Get a demo or call 1-855-226-4678 to learn more.

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