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Canadian Cloud Computing leader, AURO, Works with Non-Profits and Charities, Demonstrating Technology as a Solution for Social Good at "Code It Forward"

AURO, the leader in Canadian Cloud Computing, will be the title sponsor at an upcoming hackathon "Code It Forward" for social good software, demonstrating how technology can be the key to finding much needed automation solutions for local non-profits and charities.

Vancouver, BC (PRNewswire) July 9, 2015

Cloud Computing leader AURO and Code It Forward are a coding event hosted by Lighthouse Labs. The hackathon will invite 10 charities in Vancouver, Canada and bring together developers and marketers during the weekend of July 25-26, 2015. The teams and industry experts will spend 36 hours together coding new technology solutions for local charities. Some of the non-profits involved include Canucks Autism Network, BC Lung Association, DTES Food Connection, The LipStick Project, Aunt Leah's Place, Quest Food Exchange and H.A.V.E. Cafe to name a few.

Code It Forward was an idea inspired by the close-knit community of Vancouver. The city has a growing technology sector with many local organizations looking to give back with their talents. AURO, is the title sponsor of the event and reached out to Lighthouse Labs regarding a partnership when they heard about this meaningful event. Headquartered in Vancouver, the Canadian public cloud computing provider together with its sister company Canadian Web Hosting has been servicing businesses in Canada for over 17 years and has worked with organizations like Union Gospel Mission and Canucks Autism Network in the past.

"We deeply believe in technology as a solution for social good. Our business mission has always been to create new possibilities with technology and to have a meaningful impact on organizations and their customers," said AURO's Chief Strategy Officer Matt McKinney. "Developing applications and software for non-profits are no different. Automation can solve so many problems when there is limited funding, and that's why we wanted to be a part of Code It Forward. We're here to support and bring the technical expertise to give everyone access to these tools without the need for excessive expense or complicated technologies."

Lighthouse Labs was also responsible for running the HTML 500, a free learn-to-code event that spanned four major cities across Canada earlier this year. It is their mission to grow and educate the community about technology and the Code It Forward event is no different.

"Lighthouse Labs has spent almost two years interacting with the amazing community in Vancouver. Without them, we wouldn't have been able to grow and expand the way we have," said Lighthouse Labs' Lead Instructor and Code It Forward's Lead Organizer Don Burks. "We have invested ourselves in creating a developer network that has plugged in locally, building businesses here in Vancouver as well as abroad. Code It Forward is our attempt at fostering greater participation among the tech community towards creating genuine social good. The innovative technologies it creates will maximize the organizations' ability to help - given that they normally would not have the budget, bandwidth, or skill set to be able to handle these technological needs themselves. Thanks to the tremendous support from students, alumni, Code for Canada, and organizations such as AURO, we are working to establish a tradition that will inspire others across the country to give back and have a great time doing it."

Sign up to participate in Code It Forward here.

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